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We believe in multiplying productive resources by empowering users with a truly connected and customizable, collaborative workflow and information management environment.

Empower your team in minutes not months.

Empower your team in minutes not months.

Training and on-boarding are streamlined within the Tractares platform. Upon registration the new user will receive a walkthrough of their dashboard and a training project. The on-boarding project consists of an overview video and 5 tasks designed to train the user on basic system features and connect them with your team. This process takes about 10 minutes to complete!

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Collaborate and orchestrate productivity.

Collaborate and orchestrate productivity.

Seamlessly connect, video conference and screen share with multiple users in your personal conference room. Quickly create projects and assign tasks to your team. Efficiently managing files and data generated by the project. Track progress and intervene collaboratively to ensure project timelines are met. You can search, review, and improve on completed projects for later use as a template.

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Systems integration and complex forms.

Systems integration and complex forms.

As a standalone social collaboration/project management software, Tractares Connect is a robust tool to say the least. However, our passion for collaborative innovation extends into a suite of custom services tailored to enhance your organization’s existing infrastructure. From third party integrations to custom data management; from wizard style project control to video instructed processes for mass implementation; Tractares Connect has you covered. Track performance, manage documents, and improve processes.

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Powerful And Flexible

We provide a number of helpful features.

Project Manager

Complete control of complex projects and tasks.

File Manager

Upload, request, store and share large files with ease.

Video Conference

No downloads, no passwords, just share your video link and go.

Data Integration

Tractares will integrate any existing platform API to your dashboard.

Custom Processes

This is what we do best, our consultants and program staff are at your command.

Custom Reporting

Custom analytics that can be configured to any definable metric.

Full Platform Access

Test-drive the complete Tractares platform with live support for 30 days.


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Tractares Platform

We provide the platform, the tools, and the rules for administrators to orchestrate productivity and improve processes.